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Sandblasting Capabilities

We can handle parts up to  48 ft x48 ft x 8ft high in our sandblasting room.

Many machines need to be overhaul because they are rusting out and no longer look presentable. Painting it will be a way to make such machines look good again; However, to do the painting job right, a few things should be considered.  Fab-Tek Ltd offers the very advantage for doing the job properly, efficient and long lasting.

For any paint or coating to  adhere properly to a metal,  It has to be thoroughly cleaned. Sandblasting is one of the best methods for cleaning before painting not only because it cleans the parts well but also provides a desired rough surface for paint to grab from. When it comes to powder coatings including PTFE (Teflon), this is a very essential so paint stays firm and for very long time.