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Baking Trays Repair and Teflon Re-coating


Many baking trays are pulled out of production when they are damaged, and in many cases,  repairable damage . After a few months, customers find themselves with a lot of them out of the production line and a facing the need to purchase new trays. Purchasing new trays adds up to the cost of production. Fab-Tek Ltd is offering  to help reduce the cost of production by simply prolonging the life span of existing baking trays. Besides recoating with teflon (non-stick), we now also repair the frames and supports. Here is a brief description of what we can do for baking trays.

  • Welding: after many hours in use, welds crack due to vibration stress and in  many cases, mishandling. Fab-Tek Ltd has a welding shop, we can repair those welds and reinforce them so they last longer in service.
  • Damaged Frames: Some frames are not strong enough for the application and damaged after a certain time in service.  Fab-Tek Ltd will rectify the frames and reinforce them if necessary.
  • Frame Support:  Some frames have supports but they get damaged due to mishandling and in some cases, machine misalignments. Fab-Tek Ltd can fabricate new  frame supports and improve them if needed.
  • Forming Cups: Many times the cups get damaged and the trays are put aside because they are no longer suitable for the production. Fab-Tek Ltd can repair some of them  or fabricate new cups and weld them in position. The tray will now be ready for Teflon Coating and could be back in production in no time.


Repaired Baking Tray:  Cups were rectified and welded back in position, Installed new supports bars to reinforce frame then Sandblasted and Teflon coated.

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if you have many damaged baking trays, do not hesitate to contact Fab-Tek Ltd to come and give and estimate to salvage and make them look like new again. Please refer to our blog “Basic Types of Teflon Coatings” for more information on the type of coating that you might need for the trays after they have been repaired.

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