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Rust inhibitor coating are needed in parts that are exposed to chemicals. Teflon has excellent chemical resistance capabilities. One of the  main reasons why metal parts rust  is because they are exposed to certain  chemical reactions in the environment, Some Chemical     reactions  will deteriorate the protective coating and expose the metal. When the protective coating  deteriorates, metal parts become  vulnerable to rust particle.  Teflon coating does not flake or deteriorates easily when exposed to certain chemicals, and that particular ability makes it very attractive to be used as a  rust inhibitor coating.

Another big reason why metal parts rust is because they are exposed to high heat which also deteriorates many protective coatings. Teflon has a very high heat resistance and will not deteriorate as fast as other coatings when exposed to heat, this will make it a very good candidate as a rust protective  coating.

for many years engineers have been trying different ways to prolong coating life for machine parts. Rust is one of the life measuring factors.  Choosing the right coating will help to protect parts and make them last longer.  Also, in the food industry , Preventing rust will eliminate cross contamination in the process.

Teflon coating is highly recommended for harsh environment where metal parts are exposed to the elements. please do not hesitate to call Fab-Tek Ltd to discuss your application.


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