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Cleaning Teflon Coated Surfaces


Teflon™ coating provides a smooth non-wetting surface that resist  buildups of process materials.  This ability gives companies the advantage of  implementing more cost effective cleaning system. Two very popular cleaning systems that can significantly reduce cost are: Steam in place process and Cleaning intervals.

Steam in place works better on Teflon coated  surfaces due to the smooth non-stick finish. Cleaning intervals can be spread out  longer because Teflon coated surfaces have less build up material than other coatings.

Teflon™   non-corrosive  performance and chemical resistance also helps with the cleaning process. Companies can use stronger cleaning solutions to improve the cleaning as well as decreasing the amount of time it normally takes to clean. Speeding up the cleaning process and increasing the cleaning intervals result in a direct cost saving for companies.

For more information on Industrial Teflon coatings,  read our previous logs and learn about types of coatings(PTFE,PFA and more…), our capabilities and location. If you have questions about product or applications please do not hesitate to contact us, it will be a pleasure to help you.





  1. Noor Muhammad

    Your product seems to be the right one.
    Kindly advise the chemical name and availability of cleaning product for cleaning of Teflon Coated steel cylinders and Rollers used in Textile Dyeing machines,these get dirty in due time because of salt deposits or color,
    need to clean them during maintenance.If we can get a chemical that can be used without damaging the coating will of great help.

    1. Roberto Lainez (Post author)

      Thank you for your feedback


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